Immobel LUXEMBOURG, Presentation

Mastery of its know-how, preservation of heritage and firmly rooted in the modern era, these are the central pillars of the projects of Immobel LUXEMBOURG.

In the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Immobel is a partner in its own right in the domain of coherent and sustainable territorial development. Mostly active in the many districts of the capital, but also on the periphery, Immobel Luxembourg uses the knowledge it has acquired over time to the service of ambitious and high quality projects. 

In Luxembourg, Immobel Luxembourg possesses a portfolio of large scale projects, winners of urban development competitions and recognised for their environmental performance: the K-Point building at Kirchberg, Vertigo at the Cloche d’Or, Aire/Lavandier at Hollerich, the Kons Place building at the station and many more still to come.


They selected us

From the conception to the made to measure construction, whatever the stage of development of the project, we put all of our efforts into ensuring that it responds to the demands of our buyers and our tenants : in terms of image, performance, comfort and value. 

  • In 2008, law firm Loyens & Loeff opted to install its headquarters in the K-point building at Kirchberg.
  • In 2010, the Bank of New York, Intertrust Group and multi-national Koch Industries chose Immobel Luxembourg to locate their new headquarters in the VERTIGO building at the Cloche d’Or.
  • In 2015, Brown Brothers Harriman bank decided to relocate its European headquarters into the Aire building at Hollerich.
  • In 2016, law firm Allen & Overy contracted for the whole of the iconic  INFINITY WORKING building, thus providing itself with a prestigious address at the entrance to the Kirchberg plateau.
  • In 2017, ING opted to bring its workforce together into new headquarters in the Kons building, Place de la Gare.