Olivier Bastin, CEO Immobel LUXEMBOURG

Plunged into the world of real estate at a very early age, Olivier Bastin shares his passion for this profession, his polyvalent nature and his knowledge of the local market with an expert and enthusiastic team, and together they constitute Immobel Luxembourg.

“With a civil engineer for a father, two older brothers in real estate and an architect brother-in-law, I have always been attracted by the very concrete and universal aspects of real estate. It is a sector which affects all of us on a daily basis – to live and to work – and which is easy to explain to a child when he asks you what you do!

When I had finished my studies in applied economics at Liège, from where I come, and a Masters at Liège and Maastricht, I entered the banking world without abandoning my desire to make a career in real estate. In 1997 I joined the team of Jones Lang LaSalle, specialists in professional real estate. After 8 years in Brussels at the head of the Agency department, I came back to Luxembourg as Managing Director in 2005, a function which I carried out simultaneously with that of Head of Capital Markets Belux in 2010 and 2011. This experience enabled me to broach all of the facets of the profession of services provider, specialising in the Belgium and Luxembourg markets.

Nevertheless, after 15 years I wanted to cross to the other side of the fence and learn the trade of real estate developer rather than advisor.

In 2011 Marnix Galle – whom I had often met as a client of JLL – was looking to recruit an experienced developer. I therefore got in touch with him, no longer as an advisor but as a candidate for the position, and we quickly decided to write together a few more pages of the history of Allfin, which I joined as CEO for the Luxembourg subsidiary.

Nowadays, as CEO of Immobel Luxembourg, my time is divided between following up existing dossiers and looking for new projects. I also play the role of orchestra conductor for this Luxembourg team of 20 persons. I really take to heart the task of developing and motivating them. And finally, I act as an ambassador for the company, to assure myself that Immobel is highly thought of by those players active on the market, architects, business providers, agents…

I take great satisfaction in my very varied working day: visiting a site, negotiating a purchase contract, evaluating a feasibility study, coaching our teams… My polyvalent nature enables me to be involved in all aspects of our profession and to get to the bottom of things.

I have indeed found with Immobel a superb platform with a great number of professionals who are all pulling in the same direction!

A stimulating environment where you never feel hemmed in. Where responsibility, confidence and… new ideas play a major role.

Outside of Immobel: I try not to think in terms of choosing one thing to the detriment of another! Even if it is not always easy, I do not compromise on spending time with my three children and their mother. Sport is also important and necessary: kite-surfing, skiing and tennis… In this domain, just as in my professional life, I appreciate the feeling of surpassing yourself, of rhythm and diversity!”