Camille PERGENT, Residential Project Advisory of Immobel Luxembourg

Describing herself as a hyperactive and passionate lover of the natural things in life, Camille Pergent is one of the main interfaces between Immobel Luxembourg and its private clients. In her role as Residential Projects Advisory, she assists buyers at every step of the conception and construction of their apartment right up to the handing over of the keys.


“There are six of us in the technical department at Immobel Luxembourg, in which I have been working since February 2017. Being both an advisor and a technical coordinator of the requirements of our future residents, I manage the buyers’ dossiers, taking great care to show them the base plan so that this can be modified if required and according to their wishes, in order to design a made to measure home for them. This demands a willingness to listen attentively, close relations with our sub-contractors and also a detailed knowledge of the project and its characteristics, in order to respond to the desires of our clients while paying attention to technical feasibility, to cost and of course to timing, because we have a strict schedule to be adhered to. Going beyond all of that, I also take a great interest in preparing future projects in collaboration with our teams. This involves taking part in drawing up the plans along with the developers, looking for new partners and suppliers, defining the finishing materials taking account of latest trends and innovations and giving the project itself an identity… This is fascinating….


I am proud to be working on the INFINITY project, which is without any doubt one of the most inspiring and cosmopolitan residential projects in Luxembourg at the moment.


This is a project which enables me to realise every day just how much I enjoy my work. I am also lucky enough to be able to flourish within a committed and attentive team, which allows my ‘good team player’ side to come out.


In my personal life, I spend a lot of time and energy trying to reconcile the heart and the head, in order to find a balance between my love of good food – which of course also means fine wine and good friends – with my passion for the keeping fit, or again for Pilates and for South American dance, which probably represent the link between these two sides of my personality.”