A 360° expertise in its profession

Immobel is a polyvalent developer which deploys expertise across the whole spectrum of the profession and which thus perfectly understands and masters every aspect of its activities. Thanks to its expertise and know-how in the three central aspects of the market –residential, offices and land banking – the Group operates in 360° mode and thus offers a global approach. Immobel also exercises its talents in retail, through mixed use projects in Belgium and Luxembourg.

A successful development is proof that every phase of the operation has been scrupulously carried out, in terms of expertise, of risk assessment and of keeping to schedules. This is how a project is developed to its full potential.



The developer sets everything in motion, seeks clients and partners, and then plays a central guiding role throughout the lifecycle of the project. Keeping a close eye on the market and on real estate movements, it develops a network, assesses risk and seizes opportunities to further expand its portfolio with fine projects.



This decisive phase sets the tone. It is at this stage that the talent and flair of the developer are particularly required. It assesses risks, analyses possible paths and makes a price offering which, if it is accepted, will enable the developer to increase the size of its portfolio and develop a new, profitable project.



The success of a project also involves the way it is originally conceived. Immobel calls upon talented architectural bureaux to manage its large scale projects. All aspects of the project are studied, considered and integrated in order to present to the urban authorities a plan which is in line with the needs of the city and the expectations of its future occupants.



Once the concept has been fine-tuned and is viable, the developer finalises the plans and ensures they conform to requirements. And then, when all aspects of the dossier are correctly in place, it lodges a permit request. The legal limit for a reply is at least 180 days, an ideal period for continuing to work in detail on the important elements of the project and, in particular, to select the general contractor.


A critical and highly technical phase, the construction is the first truly visible phase. The building emerges from the ground. The developer supervises the work of the general contractor, which is itself responsible for coordinating all of the technical expertise which has been mandated: architects, study bureaux, stability and acoustics specialists… This is essential for guaranteeing that permit stipulations, plans and energy standards are all strictly adhered to and that a high quality project will therefore be delivered.  



This phase often begins much earlier in the process, depending on whether it is an office or a residential project. The marketing agents (offices) or the integrated sales unit (residential) familiarise themselves with the project before commencing the marketing. To facilitate this process, many communications tool are put in place so that the project can be presented in the best possible light and convince potential buyers.


Marketing / Legal / Finance

These transversal services lend their support at every stage of the project in order to promote it and ensure it has a  legal and financial framework.