Group strategy

Ever since it was first founded, Immobel has had the capacity to reinvent itself through time, in order to always be able to adapt and to remain one of the major references in Belgian real estate. In 2016, the merger with ALLFIN led to a more profitable model being created, oriented towards growth and the optimisation of its experience and its resources. In order to continue down this path, Immobel has opted for a strategy based on three key pillars.

A portfolio of iconic and complementary projects

The strategic vision of Immobel is deployed around three domains of activity – offices, residential and building plots – at an international level (Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland). This diversified approach has enabled it to constitute a portfolio which is protected from economic cycles and the  whims of local markets. On top of this, Immobel addresses very distinct categories of clients: institutional bodies, private or public investors, and individuals. It also takes great care to ally itself with the most suitable partners according to the specific character and needs of each project.

A group oriented towards growth, profitability and the human aspect

Immobel is convinced that the keys to the success of a development lie in understanding the risks and rigorously managing them. It is in this way that the greatest challenges are taken on, and the best projects developed. This is why Immobel optimises the acquisition and development of its operations through calling upon its expertise and its know-how. This guiding principle is reflected in the choices made by the group, and by its performance: for while over recent years, almost 90% of gross margin has been produced by office activities, residential and building plots played a far stronger role in 2016. This activity now generates an average of 40% of the company’s margin in Belgium and Luxembourg. And Immobel does not intend to stop half way down the road, but expects this figure to rise to around 60% in the near future.

Focus on optimisation

In following its vision, Immobel gives priority to maintaining its portfolio in the best possible condition, always keeping it up to date and in line with the times. The objective: invest rapidly in developments which respond to new urban needs. Projects are thus conceived in order to meet demanding needs such as location, size and architectural quality. In parallel with this, Immobel does not hesitate ensure that its projects meet the strictest of environmental standards, and even attempts to surpass them. It systematically favours soft mobility modes, such as proximity to public transport services and communications routes. And finally, where building land is concerned, since the merger it has entered into an ambitious phase of putting purchasers at the heart of its strategies. Immobel stands apart from its competitors by offering integrated sales and after-sales services. Of very high quality, these provide personalised assistance at every stage of the acquisition and asset realisation process, from signing the contract to moving in.