The life of Immobel has been characterised by a long evolution, totally coherent and with many important phases along the way. Progress, innovations and key dates have led to it always being able to adapt and bounce back, resulting in it occupying the position it does today: leader in the real estate market internationally. Here are some of the key moments, from 1863 to the present day.

  • 1863


    J.R. Bischofheim, H. de Brouckère and J. Malou found the ‘Compagnie Immobilière de Belgique’ to respond to major urban development challenges.

  • 2007


    Strong development

    Development of 80 hectares of land around the Koekelberg Basilica.

    subtitle">First competition

    Immobel LUXEMBOURG wins the competition to develop the ‘K-Point’ building on the Kirchberg plateau.

  • 2010


    First merger

    Immobel merges with ‘Consortium Immobilier’. The merger provides the basis for on-going revenues.

    Opening the way

    Immobel LUXEMBOURG is the first real estate operator to open the way to new standards in the environmental domain with the first HQE certified building in the country: Vertigo.

  • 2011


    Acquisition of Investimmo

    Takeover with a view to the development and promotion of the Brussels periphery and the Flemish Region.

    ">New stimulus

    Olivier Bastin is named CEO of Immobel LUXEMBOURG.

  • 1991

    Office Segment

    Following its merger with ‘Les Entreprises Louis Dewaele’, the group starts promoting office projects.

  • 2007

    Change in the supervisory structure

    JER Partners becomes the new major shareholder.

  • 2010

    Expansion to Poland

    Cresida (Eastbridge) replaces JER Partners as the new major shareholder. The group expands its activities in Poland.

  • 2014

    ALLFIN becomes the largest shareholder

    of Immobel with 29.85% of the shares.

  • 2015

    Rejuvenation of the company

    Appointment of Marnix Galle as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Alexander Hodac as CEO of the group.

  • 2016

    Merger with ALLFIN

    Immobel becomes the largest listed property development group in Belgium with a market capitalization of over EUR 400 million.

  • 2017

    New identity

    Immobel positions itself as a European company with inspiring projects.

  • 2017


    Immobel starts out on the French market and purchases a position in Nafilyan & Partners.

  • 2018

    Immobel social fund

    The Group creates a fund dedicated to supporting organizations active in the fields of health, culture and social inclusion.

  • 2018

    International expansion

    Immobel intensifies its pan-European development with a team concentrating on the French office market and the acquisition of an iconic tower in Frankfurt, with a view to expanding into the German market.

  • 2019

    Talent management

    The Group strengthens its Board of Directors and its Executive Committee by cooperating with partners that are a reference in their fields of expertise.

  • 2019


    Immobel acquires Nafilyan & Partners in full, joins the Euronext Bel Mid index and founds Immobel Germany.